The Twist

The Twist: Fats & The Chess Men, LP, Golden Guinea 1962

The biggest twist of all is that the record that started the craze, The Twist by Hank Ballard and the Midnighters, was originally the B side of Teardrops On Your Letter in March 1959, (released on King records in the States). Hank Ballard and the Midnighters were making records from the early 1950s right through to the late 60s (at least) and their 10 inch “Greatest Hits” LP, 1954 on Federal, is listed in one Price Guide as worth £6000. Work With Me Annie and Kansas City were major US hits.

They had a reputation in the South. Sandra B. Tooze’s Levon describes the early days of Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks:

There were other challenges, like the time they followed R&B group Hank Ballard & The Midnighters – known for their lurid stunts – who for an extra thousand bunks played naked, or wore only gold jockstraps.
Sandra B. Tooze, Levon, 2020

Teardrops On Your Letter got flipped, and Ballard was invited onto Dick Clark’s influential music show American Bandstand to promote it, in spite of Dick Clark’s reservations that it was too bawdy and too risque. He was also concerned about the reputation of Ballard’s past recordings like Work With Me Annie (a version of Roll With Me Henry). And would have known about what they’d do for $1000.

Ballard insisted that The Midnighters be brought on to mime with him. This was fair enough as the backing vocals are a major feature of Ballard’s recording. Dick Clark didn’t want to pay miming backing guys however integral they were to the song, but even more thought their dances moves were too sexual. The dance moves had been adopted by kids in Philadelphia.

So he passed the song to local singer Chubby Checker, who copied Ballard’s urgent vocal, and more importantly, invented a milder version of the dance, reducing the pelvic action and moving the dancers further apart. Incidentally, if you’ve ever wondered why early 60s films show girls dancing while chewing gum, American Bandstand was sponsored by Beech Nut chewing gum, and gum-chewing dancers was part of the deal.

The Twist (the 1959 Hank Ballard UK single on Parlophone) is quoted as £20 mint and Chubby Checker’s The Twist rates at £8 in the 2022 Guide . Both have dropped considerably … a few years ago the figures were £50 and £12.

The influence of the song goes straight to Twistin’ USA by Danny & The Juniors in 1960, which utilises the same ‘round and round, and up and down’ chorus … as does Peppermint Twist. Twistin’ USA reinforces Dick Clark’s influence. It was on his own record label, Swan.

Chubby Checker: King of The Twist

King of The Twist: Chubby Checker, EP, Columbia 1962

Even the Chubby Checker version was a hit in isolation.

Chubby Checker’s version of The Twist was #1 in the USA by September 1960. It went back there again in January 1962, and was then a hit yet again in 1988 in a version with The Fat Boys. It wasn’t Chubby’s first record either … that was The Class which is a mix of rapping, nursery rhymes and impersonations.

It was when Chubby Checker made Let’s Twist Again in 1961 that the dance really took off (Let’s twist again, like we did last summer, let’s twist again like we did last year). The Twist (by Checker) became a hit all over again alongside it, and then truly everyone was twistin’. It’s a better song than The Twist, a professional job by Karl Mann and David Appell which was even more infectious. Even now, sixty years on, it’s a dance floor filler. Half the secret was Chubby Checker’s bubbly personality. He had that gift of likability that shone on TV.

King of The Twist has the note: Dance details courtesy of the Arthur Murray School of Dancing. Apparently, the “basic motion of The Twist is a hip swivel: Imagine you are holding an outstretched bath towel; get the towel going back and forth and you will have “The Twist” hip motion.”

Let’s Twist Again: Chubby Checker, Columbia 1961 – the ultimate twist record

Let’s Twist Again gallery

It was also reissued in 1987 on the Creole label.

In France Johnny Hallyday recorded Viens danser la twist which is the same song with French lyrics

Mann / Appell continued to turn out the twisters, and the array of other dance crazes Chubby Checker tried to start (see Dance Crazes). They always kept an eye on the latest trend so by the end of 1963, he was doing Twist It Up with Surf Party on the B-side. They were not alone … Bert Berns followed The Isley Bros Twist and Shout with the same song but one word change as Surf and Shout. Twist It Up was supposed to be live, though maybe it just had a lot of people shouting out. The drum sound is one you’d want to sample. Brilliant. Possibly Chubby was returning to a “Twist” title on the back of The Beatles cover of Twist and Shout.

Twist It Up: Chubby Checker, UK single, Cameo Parkway, 1963

In 1963, Chubby Checker starred in Don’t Knock The Twist! with other Cameo Parkway artistes, The Dovells, Dee Dee Sharp and The Carrolls.

Don’t Knock The Twist: Chubby Checker et al, LP, Columbia UK 1962
Slow Twistin’, Chubby Checker, Columbia, 1962

For me the best song on the page is Slow Twistin’‘ which appears on Don’t Knock The Twist. It was credited to Chubby Checker, but is a duet with Cameo-Parkway label mate Dee Dee Sharp, and back in the tradition of R&B innuendo, where we suspect that slow twistin’ is horizontal rather than vertical (Come on please me baby, come on and drive me crazy … you’re going to last longer, just take your time.) It pre-dates the great duets like Mockingbird by Inez and Charlie Foxx, Tramp by Otis Redding and Carla Thomas, or Private Number by Judy Clay and William Bell. It also appears on Dee Dee Sharp albums too.

By coincidence, EMI’s Columbia label dominated the twist in the UK. Chubby Checker was on Parkway in the USA, which was licensed via Columbia. Then Joey Dee was on Roulette in the USA, also licensed to Columbia.

Joey Dee

Doin’ The Twist, Recorded Live At The Peppermint Lounge: Joey Dee & The Starliters,
LP, Columbia UK, 1961

Joey Dee and The Starliters had the first real LP twist hit, and also a rare live album for its era with Doin’ The Twist At The Peppermint Lounge. The Peppermint Lounge had opened in 1958, and became a celebrity hang out for twistin’ in 1960-1961. Visitors included Truman Capote, Noël Coward, Audrey Hepburn, Norman Mailer, Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Jackie Kennedy.

The Peppermint Lounge … from ‘Hey Let’s Twist.’

Go-Go dancers were featured either side of Joey Dee. Three teenage girls had got in to the club by pretending to be dancers, and had to get up on stage to shimmy along (to Dee’s surprise). Those three girls became The Ronettes, though they spent months dancing along with Joey Dee, first in New York then Miami, and sang with him on his Dance, Dance, Dance album.

Ronnie Spector: We were dressed to impress with Kleenex stuffed in our bras and heavy makeup, accentuated by cigarettesOkay, the manager said, you’re dancers. So dance! We probably should have been scared out of our minds but we weren’t … Joey Dee and The Starliters played right through without missing a beat. I think they could tell we weren’t professional dancers, but they just laughed and kept on playing … then David Brigatti moved up to the mic to sing Ray Charles’ What’d I Say … I danced right over, started shaking everything I had. So he handed me the microphone almost as a prank … I grabbed it and tore through What’d I Say.
Ronnie Spector, Be My Baby, 1991

Thus The Starliters gaining backing singers as well as dancers.

The Peppermint Lounge was a Mafia run club owned by the Genovese family, and held only 178 people. (That would be the fire regulation number, but I suspect these guys had ways around that).

Joey Dee: These guys can open doors for you. Or they can put you in a box… Peppermint Twist was the number one song in the country. I get a royalty check and it states that I owe Roulette $8,000. I said where’s my royalty money? He (Morris Levy, owner of Roulette Records ) said “Joe, keep your mouth shut. You’re gonna get hurt … I’ll give the mob credit for one thing. They’ll usually, 99% of the time, give you a warning. ‘Don’t do that,’ and that’s all they’ll say. Now if you don’t get it the first time, you’re definitely going to get it the second time

Joey Dee latched on to the twist phenomenon early, and had the residency at The Peppermint Lounge for thirteen months. The band were unusual for 1961 in being mixed race, with three dancing lead vocalists (Joey Dee, David Brigati, Larry Verneri), backed by Carlton Latimore on Hammond B3 organ with bass pedals and Willie Davis on drums. The three Italian Americans danced out front with the two African-Americans backing them. Three of them could play sax if need be, and they often used two saxes. Where they are unusual for the USA is the repertoire, which leaned towards the same R&B standards being played by the British bands in Liverpool and Hamburg: Shout, C.C. Rider, Talkin’ Bout You (the Ray Charles one, not the Chuck Berry one), Money, Sticks & Stones, Kansas City, Hello Josephine, Raindrops, Fanny Mae, Honky Tonk.

The Starliters of late 1963 and early 1964 included Eddie Brigati (vocals, David Brigati’s brother), Felix Cavaliere (keyboards, vocals) and Gene Cornish (guitar), and after they left Dee they first became The Young Rascals, then The Rascals. Guitarists in the Starliters included the actor Joe Pesci, Charles Neville of The Neville Brothers and in 1965 a young Jimmy James, later to be called Jimi Hendrix.

John F. Kennedy had a facsimile Peppermint Lounge installed in the White House. A 1961 film was made featuring Joey Dee and The Starliters, Hey! Let’s Twist.

Hey, Let’s Twist! 1961

This propelled Peppermint Twist to a US #1 hit in January 1962. They did a second twist album, All The World’s Twistin’ With Joey Dee & The Starliters.

Dance The Authentic Peppermint Twist: Joey Dee

Joey Dee brought out an instructional record Joey Dee Teaches You How To Dance The Authentic Peppermint Twist with a booklet, in which he gives instructions in a dull monotone without any music whatsoever. Both sides are extremely short. He uses the towel technique too. He advises standing apart from your partner so that ‘you can swing your arms without bruising each other.’ At the end he suggests having a twist party where you can play Joey Dee records. But not this one. Do avoid Dance the Authentic Peppermint Twist if you see the 45. I didn’t and it turns out to be only those monotone spoken instructions on how to twist, and it was given free with purchases of Vaseline … no joke, they made hair tonic as well.

Everybody’s Twistin’

The Twist was a bandwagon not to be missed. Among those who jumped on it were Frank Sinatra, Sam Cooke, Bobby Darin, Danny & The Juniors, Gary U.S. Bonds, Petula Clark, Frankie Vaughan, Jerry Lee Lewis, Connie Francis and Louis Prima.

Twist With The Ventures: EP, Liberty 1962

As Twist With The Ventures put it in large letters on the sleeve:

Many dances can be done to twist rhythms although each selection on this album has an ideal beat for twisting.

As the album includes twangy guitar versions of The Twist and Let’s Twist Again, that just leaves the other ten.

Twistin’ The Hits: Aki Aleong, Reprise LP 1961 UK

Twistin’ The Hits was Reprise’s contribution in 1961, with Aki Aleong & His Licorice Twisters doing a set of recent hits to a twist rhythm. That includes Moon River and Big Bad John, neither of which would appear to be candidates for twisting. Of course they had to explain the dance moves on the rear sleeve:

Everybody’s Twistin’ … gallery … click to enlarge

Susan Maugham was the youthful face forced to plough through Broken Doll under its new title, Baby Doll Twist. Bert Weedon spiced up a Neapolitan oldie as Twist A Napoli, the B-side of Twist Pretty Baby, with its credit ‘Shouts by Kenny Lynch.’

Bobby Darin’s EP with Multiplication was called Twist With Bobby Darin in spite of no songs with the word ‘twist’ in their titles.

Howie Casey and The Seniors were a top Liverpool group BEFORE The Beatles. They were playing Hamburg before The Beatles too. Twist at The Top was the first album by a Mersey-sound group too. Double Twist was the single from the album.

Howie Casey: So we all went down to London in our old van and did the audition, they liked what they heard and we got the contract on the proviso we wrote Twist songs, for, Twist at the Top. That was the in dance craze. Basically what we did was write rock songs and insert the word  ‘twist’ instead of ‘rock’. We went back to London and recorded the whole album plus extra material in an afternoon, totally live no drop-ins or overdubs. It does show on the album, but we were naive and were just chuffed to have recorded
Interview, Beatles Magazine online, 2018

Double Twist is one of the best twist records, punctuated by Casey’s sax. He went on to play on Band on The Run and toured with Wings. Back in 1961, he was alleged to have expressed fears that The Beatles, being young and raw would ruin the Hamburg scene for the professionals.

Rock A-Hula Baby (Twist Special): Elvis Presley, RCA 1961

Elvis Presley got in on the act, adding (Twist Special) to the title of Rock A-Hula Baby from Blue Hawaii. That was #1 in the USA and the UK.

Frank Sinatra’s Everybody’s Twistin’ was as far as you can get to fall onto a bandwagon you don’t really understand … though Frank was a visitor to the Peppermint Lounge, what with being acquainted with the management. The song came from the sessions for Sinatra and Swingin’ Brass but was not included on the original album. The record got to #22 in the UK.

Sam Cooke was in his “pop” era at RCA with songs like Only Sixteen and Cupid. Twistin’ The Night Away still sounded cool when Rod Stewart covered it in 1973 and again in 1987, and still sounds cool today. It’s one of the bigger hits … #1 R&B, #9 Billboard Hot 100. It was #6 in the UK. Cooke wrote it, and it was recorded in January 1962 with the Wrecking Crew.

Petula Clark’s Ya Ya Twist is one I had back then. My mum thought it would help me with French. Petula Clark manages to get the slightly languid feel of Joey Dee perfectly … Dee did Ya Ya on the Peppermint Lounge album. The original is by Lee Dorsey, then Johnny Hallyday did it in French and was #1 in Belgium. Petula Clark’s cover of Hallyday’s cover of Joey Dee’s cover of Lee Dorsey was #1 in France. It was #14 in the UK.

The bandleaders’ covers gallery click to enlarge

The British bandleaders tried to cover their backs with excursions into avuncular versions of the twist: Victor Silvester, Joe Loss, Cyril Stapleton, Tommy Kinsman. They all had a go. If they couldn’t think of a song, they added ‘Twist’ to an old song. See The Dancing Class for more on these. All were on the dancing class preferred format: the EP.

In the USA Bill Ramal and Carl Stevens tried“twisted up” arrangements of standards like My Happiness and You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby.

Stevens notes:
The Twist – that’s the dance teenagers like to do themselves and practically everybody likes to watch. And you’ll have to admit – even if you don’t approve of it – that the Twist really has something gay about it.

Yes, men could dance together without physical contact causing comment, but that’s not what he meant (although the Peppermint Lounge had a reputation as a gay socializing place). Whatever, the dance bands just couldn’t compete with Chubby Checker and Joey Dee.

 Some of the instrumental records were previous recordings that had nothing to do with the Twist, but if the tempo was about right the record companies stuck the word “Twist” at the end of the title and reissued them.  

Some of the ‘twist’ records were a long way away. The Streamliners with Joanne did Everybody’s Doin’ The Twist which has no semblance of a twist beat. It’s trad jazz band novelty with a Charleston rhythm and a Pakistani voice imitation in the middle which is supposed to be funny.

Twist At The Star Club, Hamburg: Various Artists, LP, Philips 1963

Twist At The Star Club in 1963 went for the double … twist + Beatles association. It includes early Searchers, and Sounds Incorporated, and Roy Young is part of The Star Combo. The Rattlers are German, and Peter Nelson & The Travellers were never heard from again. It has only one track with ‘twist’ in the title … C-Jam Twist, but Sounds Inc do have a bash at The William Tell Overture.

The budget covers …

Woolworth’s Embassy label put their three Twist covers on an EP, and realizing they were one short, added Rock-A-Hula Baby on the end. It is subtitled Twist Special after all Bandleader Tommy Kinsman was two years too late with his 1964 Twist ‘n’ Shake EP which put the hits of 1964 to the sword twist beat.

Twisting With Mother: EP, Beano, 1965

Twisting With Mother dates from 1965, at least two years after the twist had died. It was on the budget Beano Records label and starts out with Boys and Girls Come Out to Twist.

Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout: The Beatles, EP, Parlophone 1963

Twist and Shout was not originally by The Isley Brothers, though if you’re in a pub quiz, that’ll probably get you the points. It’s originally by The Top Notes. It’s debatable whether it’s a twist at all, though not debatable that it’s derived from La Bamba.

The first thing Bert Berns played Wexler (of Atlantic Records) in their first meeting was a little dance song with an Afro-Cuban wrinkle that he had written with Phil Medley called Twist & Shout. Berns based the number on his favourite song, La Bamba … they wrote the song using large chunks of a song they published the previous year as Shake It Up Baby.
Joel Selvin, Here Comes The Night: The Dark Soul of Bert Berns & the Dirty Business of Rhythm and Blues, 2014

Twist and Shout: The Top Notes, US single, Atlantic 1961

It was first recorded by The Top Notes in February 1961 on Atlantic. The session was produced by Teddy Randazzo, with arrangements by Phil Spector. The sax solo was by King Curtis, and the backing voices by The Cookies.

The song had all the makings of a hit, and in the studio, Wexler remembers, he and Spector went at it with ‘unrestrained ferocity’ but succeeded only in butchering it, while Bert Berns sat watching in pained silence.
Mick Brown, Tearing Down The Wall of Sound, The Rise & Fall of Phil Spector, 2007

Spector was having an off day and produced not so much a wall of sound as a cacophonous din, and Derek Martin and Howard Guyton sang the song in a key that was patently wrong for both of them. The record is now legendary as much for its ineptitude as for being the original of one of the most famous songs of the 60s.
Rob Finnis & Tony Rounce, Ace CD Land of 1000 Dances, All Twisting Edition 2009

Bert Berns never liked what Spector had done with it, so produced it himself in May 1962 for The Isley Brothers (and put his writing name Bert Russell on it):

The real master trick of this rearrangement was a new bridge consisting solely of four ascending sung notes, the tempo becoming more emphatic and dramatic, ending in exultant sustained whooping before a “shake it on baby” led the Isleys back into the verse.
Ritchie Unterberger, 2020

Twist & Shout: The Isley Brothers, UK single, Stateside 1962

It was a US R&B chart #2 hit, and #17 in the main Billboard Top 100. It got to #42 in Britain.

Then The Beatles did it on Please Please Me, one of John Lennon’s finest moments. The Beatles had been playing it live for a year, and admit they got the arrangement from King Size Taylor and The Dominoes. Lennon’s voice was shot. He gargled with milk, and went for it. It’s a case where the British cover beats all previous version. They played it in their Royal Variety Performance at the end of 1963, and it was an American single in 1964. That was #1 in Cash Box and #2 in Billboard. In Britain it was the title track of an EP … #1 EP for months.

Twist and Shout: Brian Poole & The Tremeloes, LP, Decca 1963

The thing is, by mid 1963, doing a song about the twist was already ironic. That didn’t stop Brian Poole & The Tremeloes racing to release it as a single (UK #4 hit). It became the title track of an album too.

Ten Twist Records That Still Work Today

titleartistUS chartUK chart
The TwistHank Ballard & The Midnighters28
Let’s Twist AgainChubby Checker31
Peppermint TwistJoey Dee & The Starliters133
Slow Twistin’Chubby Checker & Dee Dee Sharp323
Double TwistHowie Casey & The Seniors
Twist & ShoutThe Isley Brothers1742
Twist & ShoutThe Beatles1EPs 1, 45s – 48
Ya Ya TwistPetula Clark14
Twistin’ The Night AwaySam Cooke16
Twist Little SisterBrian Poole & The Tremeloes
Ten Twisters


Highly recommended for the range and variety of tracks, including several new to me. It has Double Twister, Hank Ballard’s The Twist and The Top Notes version of Twist & Shout (for the curious).

Land of 1000 Dances: All Twistin’ Edition: Ace CD 2009

Twistin’ The Night Away is a 2015 2 CD compilation that stretches even further … fifty twist songs.

Twistin’ The Night Away: 2 CD Set, Not Now, 2015

Real Gone does some grey area pre-1962 compilations. The Chubby Checker set has 4 CDs. The first three have five Chubby Checker albums, plus singles, the fourth is a compilation of other twist songs. It is incredible value for money. I doubt that Chubby Checker would ever see a penny. It added several we hadn’t heard of to the list below.

THE TWIST:   records with “twist” in the title

An asterisk indicates that the record was instrumental with no vocal.
Thanks to Paul for compiling this list. It started small, then disbelief led to it growing … surely there can’t be any more? Scottish twists from Andy Stewart? Only one of the bizarre attempts to get Twist into anything.

The Twist. Hank Ballard & The Midnighters. Parlophone.

The Twist. Chubby Checker. Columbia.
The Twist, Paul Rich, Embassy
The Twist, Keely Smith, Reprise
Kissin’ and Twistin’. Fabian. HMV.
Twisting on Bandstand, The Sprouts, Mercury


Let’s Twist Again. Chubby Checker. Columbia.
Let’s Twist Again, Rikki Henderson, Embassy
Let’s Twist Again, Bill Haley, Brunswick
Let’s Twist Again, The Dovells, Cameo Parkway
Let’s Twist Again, Richard Anthony, Columbia France
Peppermint Twist. Danny Peppermint & The Jumping Jacks. London.
Peppermint Twist. Joey Dee & The Starliters. Columbia.
PeppermintTwist, Bobby Stevens, Embassy
Arkansas Twist, Bobby Lee Tramell, Atlanta
Big Ben Twist. Fats & The Chessmen. Pye International.
Buzzsaw Twist, The Gee Gees
Can’t Stop Twisting, The Adventurers, Columbia USA
Chopstick Twist, Larry French & The Geisha Girls, Collector
Christmas Twist, The Twistin’ Kings, Motown *
Congo Twist, The Twistin’ Kings, Motown *
Doin’ The Twist, Louis Prima, Dot
Don’t Stop -Twist. Frankie Vaughan. Phillips.
Double Twist. Al Casey & The Seniors. Fontana.
Flying Circle Twist, The Twistin’ Kings, Motown*
Kissing Twist. Jack Hammer. Oriole.
Mister Twister, Chubby Checker. Columbia
Night Train Twist, Ray Anthony, Ember
Old Folks Twist, The Twistin’ Kings, Motown *
Oliver Twist. Bob Miller & The Millermen. Columbia.*
Rock A-Hula Baby (Twist Special), Elvis Presley, RCA
Rockin’ Twist. The Flips. London.*
Sally Twist, Bobby Lee Tramell, Atlanta
Scratch & Twist, Wild Jimmy Spruill, Everlast *
Spanish Twist. Bill Haley & The Comets. Brunswick.
St Tropez Twist, Peppino di Capri, Odeon
The Basie Twist, Count Basie
The Lone Twister, The Lone Twister, Atlantic
The Mexican Hat Twist, Chubby Checker. Columbia
There’s A Lot of Twistin’ Goin’ On, Vince Taylor, Barclay
Top Ten Twist, Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers, Polydor
Tulsa Twist, Speedy West
Twist a la BG The Twistin’ Kings, Motown
Twist Around The Clock, Clay Cole, Imperial US
Twist a St Tropez, Les Chats Sauvages, Pathé
Twist and Shout, The Top Notes, Atlantic
Twist Drive. Des O’Connor. Piccadilly.
Twist Her. Bill Black. London.*
Twist My Wrist. Jess Conrad. Decca.
Twist Twist. Les Chakachas. RCA.
Twist With The Twisters, Bobby Dunn, Palace
Twistin’ Ales Style, The Twistin’ Kings, Motown*
Twistin’ Bells. Santo & Johnny. Capitol. *
Twistin’ Dolly, Louis Prima, Dot
Twistin’ The Hits: Aki Aleong & His Licorice Twisters, Reprise LP
Twistin’ the Mood. Joe Loss. HMV.*
Twistin’ The World around, The Twistin’ Kings, Motown
Twistin’ Time. The Good Timers. Fontana.
Twistin’ USA. Danny & The Juniors. Top Rank.
Twistin’ USA. Chubby Checker. Columbia
Viens danser le twist. Johnny Hallyday, Philips
White House Twist, The Twistin’ Kings, Motown*
Ya Ya Twist, Richard Anthony, Columbia
Zig Zag Twist, Bobby Bare, Fraternity


(Chubby) Teach Me To Twist. Bobby Rydell & Chubby Checker. Columbia.
A Diabolical Twist. Max Bygraves. Decca.
An Odd Twist, Fats & The Chessmen, Golden Guinea
Baby Doll Twist. Susan Maughan. Philips.
Better Twist Now Baby Louis Prima, Keely Smith, Sam Butera
Big Ben Twist, Fats & The Chessmen, Golden Guinea
Big Boy Twist. Laurie Johnston. Pye.*
Bo’s Twist: Bo Diddley, Chess
Bristol Twistin’ Annie. The Dovels. Columbia.
Chatanooga Twist. Xavier Cugat.*
Checkmate Twist. The Original Checkmates. Pye.*
Come On And Twist Me. Al Carter 5. Oriole.
Crazy Twist. Jack Hammer. Oriole.
Crazy Twist. Joe Houston
Dear Lady Twist. Gary U.S.Bonds. Top Rank.
Don’t Knock The Twist, Chubby Checker, Columbia
Do The President Twist, Lola Reed & Freddie King, Federal
Double Twist, Howie Casey & The Seniors, Fontana
Dribble Twist. The Raging Storms. London.
Eclisse Twist, Mina
Everybody Twist, Bobby Green, Fontana
Everybody’s Doin’ The Twist. Joanne and the Streamliners. Columbia.
Everybody’s Twistin’. Frank Sinatra. Reprise.
Frankenstein Twist, The Crystals, London LP
Guitar Twist, The Ventures, Liberty
Harlem Twist. Mickey Ashman. Lansdowne.*
Harmonica Twist. Ernest Ranglin. Island.*
Hey Let’s Twist. Joey Dee & The Starliters. Columbia.
Hollywood Twist. Si Zentner. ?
Honkin’ The Twist, Fats & The Chessmen, Golden Guinea
Hula Twist. Reg Owen Orchestra. Palette.*
I Love To Twist, Chubby Checker, Columbia
Insistin’ On Twistin’ Fats & The Chessmen, Golden Guinea
It’s The Twist. Harry Robinson. Fontana.
It’s Twistin’ Time, The Goodtimers, Fontana
I’ve Been Twistin’. Jerry Lee Lewis. London.
Kemptown Twist. Sam Cooke. RCA.
King-sized Twist. The King Brothers. Parlophone.
La faute au twist, Petula Clark, Philips France
La Paloma Twist, Chubby Checker, Columbia
Lemon Twist, Fats & The Chessmen, Golden Guinea
(Let’s Do) The Hully Gully Twist, Bill Doggett
Mama Do The Twist. Susan Maughan. Fontana.
Mama’s Doin’ The Twist. Linda Hopkins. Coral.
Mama’s Doin’ The Twist. The Viscounts. Pye.
Mister Twister. The Shirelles & King Curtis
Mister Twister. Phil Tate. Oriole.
Moon River Twist. Aki Aleong & his Licorice Twisters. Reprise.*
Misirilou Twist: Dick Dale
Navarone Twist. Benny Quick & the Twen Band. Columbia.*
Newcastle Twist/Rockingham Twist. Lord Rockingham’s XI. Decca.*
No Twisting On Sunday, The Zircons, Federal USA
Oh My Twistin’ Bark. Mike Sammes & His Singers. Oriole.
Old McDonald Had A Twist, Fats & The Chessmen, Golden Guinea
One More Time (Twist). Danny Peppermint & The Jumping Jacks. London.
Organ Twist, Fats & The Chessmen, Golden Guinea
Over At The Twistin’ Place. Johnny Morriselle. Stateside.
Peppermint Twist Time. The Twisters. Windsor.
Peppermint Twist, Fats & The Chessmen, Golden Guinea
Percolator Twist. Billy Joe & The Checkmates. London.*
Peter Gunn Twist, Ray Anthony Ember
Popeye Twist, The Tornados, Decca
Salome Twist, The Carroll Brothers, Columbia
See My Baby Twist. Connie Francis. MGM.
Slow Twistin’. Chubby Checker and Dee Dee Sharpe. Columbia.
Slow Twist, The Marvelettes, Motown
Soul Twist. King Curtis. London.*
Spanish Town Twist. Bobby Muir. Blue Beat.
St. Louis Blues Twist. Alice Babs Fontana
Stop Twistin’ Baby. Gary Paxton. Liberty.
Sugartime Twist. The McQuire Sisters. Coral.
Surfer’s Twist, Steve Douglas
Teach Me How To Twist, Connie Francis, MGM
Tequila Twist. Cyril Stapleton. Decca.*
Tequila Twist. The Champs. London.*
The Franz Liszt Twist. Gary Edwards Combo. Oriole.
The Hat Twist. Max Bygraves. Decca.
The Highland Twist: Andy Stewart, Top Rank
The Lady Wants To Twist. Steve Lawrence. CBS.
The Monster Twist, Tyrone A’Saurus & The Cro-Magnons, Warner
The Twist, The Ventures, Liberty
The Twist To End All Twists, Robby Lawrence, MGM
The Twister, Bo Diddley, Chess
Tootie Twist. Henry Mancini. RCA.*
Transylvania Twist, Bobby Boris Pickett & The Crypt Kiclers. London
Trumpet Twist. Eddie Calvert & The C Men. Columbia.*
Twist A Napoli. Bert Weedon. HMV.* [Note: May be the flipside of Twist Me Pretty Baby below]
Twist All Night, Louis Prima with Sam Butera, Capitol
Twist Along With Me. Chubby Checker. Columbia.
Twist and Freeze, Billy Huhn & The Casuals, Lesley US
Twist And Shout. The Isley Brothers. Stateside.
Twist Around The Clock. Clay Cole. London.
Twist At The Top. Al Casey. Fontana.
Twist Her, Bill Black Combo
Twist Little Sister. Brian Poole & The Tremeloes. Decca.
Twist Little Sister. Joe Brown & The Bruvvers. Piccadilly.
Twist Match. The String-a-longs. Warwick.*
Twist Me Pretty Baby. Bert Weedon. HMV.*
Twist Party. The Firestones. Decca.*
Twist Party. Winifred Atwell. Piccadilly.
Twist Twist Senora. Gary Bonds. Top Rank.
Twist With Me Annie, Smokey Smothers, Federal
Twisted, Sandy Nelson, London
Twistin’, Chubby Checker, Columbia
Twistin’ All Night Long. Danny & The Juniors plus Freddie Cannon. Top Rank.
Twistin’ and Kissin’. Ronnie & The Hi-Lites. Pye.
Twistin’ At The Woodchopper’s Ball. Hugo Montenegro. Oriole.*
Twistin’ England, Danny & The Juniors plus Freddie Cannon. Top Rank.
Twiatin’ In The USA, The Shirelles,
Twistin’ Those Meeces to Pieces: David Ede Band Pye
Twistin’ Bones. The Mudlarks. Columbia.
Twistin’ Chestnut Tree. The FleeRekkers. Piccadilly.*
Twistin’ Down In Mexico. Billy Vaughan. London.*
Twistin’ Fever, The Marcels, Colpix
Twistin’ Matilda. Jimmy Soul. Stateside.
Twistin’ Postman. Marvelettes. Fontana.
Twistin’ Rose Of Texas. Johnny Desmond. HMV.
Twistin’ The Night Away. Sam Cooke. RCA.
Twistin’ The Night Away, Paul Rich, Embassy
Twistin’ Time, King Curtis
Twistin’ The Trad. David Ede. Pye.*
Twistin’ To The Blues, Ray Bennett
Twistin’ To The Blues, Buddy Greco, Fontano
Twistin’ USA, Fats & The Chessmen, Golden Guinea
Twistin’ With Linda. The Isley Brothers. Stateside.
Twisting Train, The Goodtimers, Fontana
Venezuela Twist Perez Prado
Washboard Blues Twist. Eric Delaney. Parlophone.*
We Wont Twist Again. Brian Blackburn & Peter Reeves. Phillips.
When The Cats Come Twistin’ In. Mike Pedecin Quintet. HMV (or Columbia?).
When The Cousins Come Twistin’ In. The Cousins. Palette.
Whole Lotta Twistin’ Professor Longhair
Ya Ya Twist. Petula Clark. Pye.


C-Jam Twist: The Star Combo
Don’t Wanna Twist No More. Gabriel and The Angels. Stateside.
Texas Twist. Roy Clark. Capitol
Twist and Shout, The Beatles, Parlophone
Twist and Shout, Brian Poole and The Tremeloes, Decca
Twist and Shout, Chubby Checker, Cameo Parkway
Twist and Shout, Ray Pilgrim, Embassy
Twist It Up, Chubby Checker, Cameo Parkway
Twistin’ Around the Mulberry Bush. The Chucks. Decca.
Yo Yo Twist. Dave Ventura & the Orbits. Hardy.