Remainder sleeves

2-4-6-8 Motorway: Tom Robinson Band, EMI, 1977

The remainder sleeve which turns up most often is Star Hits. The first version has no lettering on the back. The next one has wording on both sides. The Star Hits sleeves seem to have been designed to sell in tobacco/ confectionery / card shops in the mid 70s. The records in them are remaindered stock with intact centres. The slogan “Everything for the Smoker” was safer as here, on a Goodies record, than it would have been on a Grateful Dead single. If the Grateful Dead had done singles in 1975.

You won’t find 60s or 50s rarities in these sleeves (unless dealers have swapped them). They’re 70s / 80s artifacts and the records in them are hits. Hits were frequently produced in too great a quantity, especially if they were climbing fast, and stalled suddenly. Note that the rear has space below MORE HITS FROM … where the corner shop could add a rubber stamp with its own lettering. Few if any did so.

They are distinct from the ex-juke box sleeves which were common in the 60s and early 70s. These are unplayed remainders, not used singles. There must have been a deal where they were not allowed to use the original sleeves.