Time Oriole

Laws For Dancing: Maury Laws , Time Oriole LP, 1962

Time Oriole aka Series 2000 was a license deal with the American Time label, and it issued LPs in 1962 and 1963. They’re few and far between in secondhand browsing, and are firmly in the Easy Listening category, with a tendency to stereo demonstrations with lots of percussion. Hugo Montenegro was the best known artist, and the 45s went on straight Oriole. Al Caiola was also on the label. They are comparable to Enoch Light’s Command label- large orchestras, high quality recordings and in Oriole’s case, super-heavyweight vinyl.

They had a strong but very simple design style, taken straight from the US releases. As well as percussion, ballroom dancing was a speciality, but dancing classes circa 1962 preferred EPs and 45s because the number of times they put a track on again. LPs were fiddly.

“For those who dare… The exclusive sound extra”  

Time Series 2000 slogan

The sleeve notes read:|
“The creed of SERIES 2000 is craftmanship. This product originates through multi-channel recording. No monaural recordings are made at initial sessions. It’s our feeling that simultaneous stereophonic and monaural recording produces a compromise. However, when concentrating on recording only three track stereo, one achieves the best possible results. The end product is mixed down from the original multi-channel recording. This enables SERIES 2000 to reach the maximum peak of recording efficency”. 

The American Time label ran to around 200 releases, of which about 34 were issued by Oriole. The label was founded by Bob Shad in 1959, and operated from Manhatten Beach, California. The label was discontinued in 1966, with its best-selling titles moving to Shad’s Mainstream label. Oriole stopped licensing albums from Time in 1963.


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