While Shepherd’s Watched Their Flocks: 1962 5″ 78 rpm disc

Kidditunes was busy around 1962. They were distributed by Lumar Ltd, Swansea and the records were 5” and 78 rpm. They were made to go with a specific toy gramophone, manufactured by Louis Marx of Swansea (Lumar).

It’s hard to know how long they lasted. By 1962 they were up to LM18, and were still going in 1976.

Twistin’ Again / Cha Cha Beat, # LM19 1962

They rarely credited any artists, though The Happy Gang and The Kidditunes Choristers are named on some. Later we get Mike’s Crowd, Andy & Friends, Michele and Her Group, Mike & The Zoo Men. As with other budget releases, sometimes A & B sides credit different artists.

LM 51 and LM 54, both 1967. Same outer sleeve as the yellow ones.

In 1967 they added spoken voice records with blue centre labels. Most were credited to Auntie Anne, though I’m sure it was either of my two Auntie Anne’s, though both of them were Welsh.

Uncle Mike did Jack & The Beanstalk. I never had an Uncle Mike.

They later changed their name to My Records.