Ex-jukebox sleeves

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A company called Super Mark Hits produced a sleeve for ex-jukebox singles, and sold them at  3/11d (20p) for a recent hit. That compares to 6/8d (33p) for a new single.

They were excellent if you liked the records that just scraped into the top fifty then fell away, because they hadn’t had many juke box plays. They come in blue, red, white or orange sleeves. The names of artists around the centre were always the same, so even in 1968, Gerry, Cilla, Billy J, Searchers, Stones, Donovan and Cliff were wrapped around the Four Tops and Temptations singles I bought in them.

Pop-Ex of Leeds follow the same pattern of printing a base design in various colours. As Pop-Ex was a division of Music Hire Group, they rented out the jukeboxes, supplied the singles, and moved the used ones on afterwards. The later sleeves have the same top as paper bags, and the paper is the same weight.

Gallery – ex-jukebox sleeves … click to enlarge

Would you keep discs in these? Well, they’re obviously ex-jukebox anyway because the optional centres have been pushed out, but they only turn up in charity shops or the cheap box. They have a sense of the era, even if they add no value.

Star Discs from Hull also did deletions as well as juke-box, and by the 4/3d (22p) price tag were later, and I picked up a few with intact centres. I did a little party DJ-ing and picked up most of my Motown classics as ex-juke box. The thing is obscurer soul was also among those unplayed deletions. I couldn’t match them to the sleeves because long ago I married them with the right sleeves.