Children’s, Spoken voice & Sound effects

Often children’s labels linked to custom record players.
This one was produced by “The Bing Crosby Research Foundation.”

The biggest UK children’s labels are from within the BBC label, and from EMI’s HMV sub labels, such as HMV Junior Record Club. Capitol also used the ‘Junior Record’ tag. Many labels released children’s records as part of their normal output. C They will be elsewhere.

There are a number of smaller children’s and spoken voice specialist labels, as well as labels devoted to sound effects.

Some are collectible by association … Century 21 Records and Gerry Anderson cartoons, or the Disney labels.

Frederic and THe Dancing Leaf: Capitol Junior Records 78 rpm shellac release, via EMI so post-1955

Others, like sound effects of trains and racing cars remain sought after, perhaps more at Toy Fairs than Record fairs. Yes, people do play them while operating model train layouts or Scalextric.

Then many spoken voice ones have the original authors or poets, or famous actors reading them.

Children’s labels
Chad Valley
Pied Piper
3-on-1 Golden Record
Century 21


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