Chad Valley

The Three Bears: 7″ single, 45 rpm # CV106
There Was A Crooked Man: CV101
Sleeve reverse: They’d gone to the trouble of re-doing the design narrower with the pictures more vertical to accommodate the fold over at the sides.

The Chad Valley brand name dates to the early 19th century.  It the 1930s it was famed for tin-plate toys. In the late 1950s, radio personality Kenneth Horne was Company Chairman. It was taken over by Pallitoy in 1978, Woolworths bought it in 1988, and it ended up as a brand owned by the Homebase and Argos group.

Chad Valley manufactured children’s toys. As with other children’s records, yellow centre labels are the order of the day. They play at 45 rpm for a change, and were “for your Close ‘n’ Play” record player, though they would play on any record player. The system appears to be mid 1960s, though the example below is mid-70s.

Chad Valley Close and Play Record Player, battery-powered, mid-1970s

Chad Valley credited no artists with storytelling or music and released twelve 45 rpm records, all in company sleeves, and none of them are dated. This sort of material ran for years with no changes.


The name continued with releases on cassette in the 1990s. These are short cassettes and some of the material may be recycled from the 60s singles. Others are more modern.

Cassette: 1996

cassette releases lasted until 2000 in Woolworths stores.

Mopatop’s Shop: cassette 2000

Compact discs

They followed their system and made their own kiddie CD players … blue for boys, red for girls:

Chad Valley CD player

The 2007 CDs are co-labelled Woolworths, so an eventual successor to Embassy, not that Woolworths had long to go.

Theme Tunes Woolworths / Chad Valley CD 2007

CDs, 2000