CBM (Ember)

Confusion: Laris McLennon / Pat Daniels Band 1967
Turn Me Loose: Laris McLennon / Pat Daniels Band 1967 B-side

CBM was a 1967 sub-label, specialising in soul. Why wasn’t it just placed on Speciality? Who knows. There seem to be several CBM labels.

The first release CBM 001 was Motown Feeling by Maynell Wilson, in a picture sleeve.

Left: UK picture sleeve / Right Belgium picture sleeve. My copy was in the Belgian sleeve, but the disc is British. Go figure.

Too Late: Vernon Vermont CBM02
White rim to label, no mention of Ember

Later releases are in Ember company sleeves, and I’ve seen Confusion in the plum and the blue sleeve (both correct). The blue sleeve matches better.

The Pat Daniels Band backed Norma Lee on Hurt, and Laris McLennon on Confusion. Laris McLennon wrote the Norma Lee song. Hoagy Benson with Kangaroo was another release., also backed by The Pat Daniels Band.

Spanish CBM sleeves

These CBM Spanish sleeves have nice graphics