My Desert Island …

Desert Island Discs allow eight songs, and to make the programme interesting there’s usually a biographical element. Most of us, playing list compiling the game over a meal or a drink, go for ten tracks. I’ve done my many times, but to reveal my prejudices and preferences I’ll do a single songs one here AND … Continue reading My Desert Island …

What’s New

Middle Earth, one of the rarest UK record labels added to Record Labels. Shakedown Street – The Grateful Dead. Yes, the “Disco Dead” album. probably the most justly reviled album in the whole “Reviled!” series. I usually find the good points, but this is mainly a stinker. Ronnie Spector article added. RIP. It covers The … Continue reading What’s New

Peter Viney

The author exhibited an early interest in rock. I started a book on Record Collecting many years ago, and it grew and grew until it became so unwieldy and so full of illustrations that it would have been a 1500 page book with colour pictures on every page. Hang on! This isn’t going to work, … Continue reading Peter Viney

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