Artist labels

This is going to be a BIG section … around forty labels are waiting to go up.

It’s selective … you could argue that Frank Sinatra’s Reprise started out as an artist label, then added family and friends … then went in with Warner Bros and grew and grew.

Reprise: You start a label and get all your pals to record on it.

Mostly people date it from The Beatles and Apple.

There is a common characteristic. Artists believe they will act as talent scouts and producers at the beginning. After all, being so talented themselves, they’ll be able to spot talent. They quickly find that nurturing other people’s talents is irritating, frustrating and time-consuming. Their own managers could have told them that. The difference is that their managers had a financial incentive, and by the time you’re wealthy enough to start your own label, you won’t need the money. So after a year or three, the artist label will revert to just producing the artist.

There are honourable exceptions … Jack White’s Third Man Records in particular. Then there are others like T-Rex which never contemplated promoting anyone other than the founder.

It’s going to take some time before they all appear, so I will list them as we put them up.

These are ones to anticipate … The label “owner” is on the caption, not the record illustrated.

gallery … click to enlarge

Grunt (Jefferson Airplane) is first up.

Grunt (Jefferson Airplane, Hot tuna, Jefferson Starship)
Lucky Seven (Madness)