Adding art to 45s

People have added artwork to 45s for years … as in the sleeves in Names, Scribble and Numbers.

DJs have always marked 45s. With Northern Soul it was common to paint out the whole centre label so as to hide a rare dance floor filler’s identity from rival DJs. Of course, once you’re doing that you might as well add to it and have some fun with the art.

These four are from Paul’s DJ box for IP (International Parties). The records were painted up in the days of discos and parties, because they were too bland in their original form, and because they needed to be identified quickly in the semi-darkness. Try having a dozen identical black label Tamla-Motown discs in a pile, then read the dull silver print.

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In the case of Satisfaction (American copy on London) here the discs travelled around the world to be danced to at many foreign locations and on cruise ships.

Note how important it was to identify STEREO in the dark. That is mentioned in the mono v stereo section. Because some singles put (say) an instrument or voice on one side only, the DJ had to be alert to decide whether to press the MONO button on the amplifier for the benefit of dancers.

Do you have any out there? Use CONTACT US. They can be added. It would help if scans were a minimum of 10 cm wide at 144 dpi, though anything larger is fine.