3 on 1 Golden Record

Victor Herbert’s Babes in Toyland: Jim Timmens & Golden Orchestra 1962
Babes in Toyland: standard 3-in-1 rear sleeve.

3 on 1 Golden Record releases span from 1962 to 1964. They’re 45 rpm, and unusual in being 7 inch records, but in rectangular 8 inch tall sleeves. They sold at a budget 3/11d (20p) when singles cost 6/8d (33p).

3 on 1 Golden Record was a British children’s company, with much of their output licensed in from the USA Little Golden Records company, which was run by Mitch Miller.

This meant such luminaries as The Sandpipers, Mitch Miller and Jim Timmens Orchestra and Chorus. Timmens wrote the scores of over forty films.

They also issued material from Popeye, Huckleberry Hound,  The Flintstones and The Jetsons. These tie-ins have a degree of collectability.

The London Rhymers and Players seem locally sourced. Their aim was to provide lilting, lively, loveable music for more happy playtime hours.

The name 3-on-1 is confusing as most seem to have either four or six tracks, but illustrate three items on the front sleeve. Earlier on they say Three Complete Golden Records on one 45 rpm record but have a fourth, unillustrated track. Later they just say the EPs are the value equal to three singles.

Later releases from 1964 star The Golden Rock-A-Twisters and proudly proclaim With a Beatle Beat. It’s a particularly silly phrase (Do you mean four / four time?) and Roger McGuinn says it so often in concerts (and live recordings) that I get really irritated with him.

To complicate matters, the same rcords were released on Gala’s Goldentones labe.

While early 3-on-1 Golden records were 7″ in an 8″ sleeve, then Goldentone were 5″ discs and 6″ discs in a 7″ sleeve. They played at 78 rpm. The cover design has the same American illustration. A number of Goldentone discs are the same as 3-on1 Golden Records. They also appear to have existed together in 1963 to 1964.