Peter Viney

Screenshot 2020-06-12 at 13.54.21The author exhibited an early interest in rock.

I started a book on Record Collecting many years ago, and it grew and grew until it became so unwieldy and so full of illustrations that it would have been a 1500 page book with colour pictures on every page. Hang on! This isn’t going to work, I realized. The only way I can get all this material available is online as a blog.We moved house in 1993, and for ten years my singles were stored in 7″ boxes from the 1960s. I finally pulled the boxes back out along with my 6d exercise book listing them as I bought them, and realized to my horror that certain key 45s had been “lifted” in the intervening years of our kids’ teen parties or plumbers or electricians … First Cut Is The Deepest by P.P. Arnold, It’s All Over Now by The Rolling Stones, C’mon Everybody EP by Eddie Cochran. It sent me to secondhand record shops. My wife was collecting old children’s books and knitting patterns and I often ligged about in charity shops … so I started sifting through the boxes of old 45s.The obsession grew and grew. I started writing … the original plan was Record Collecting, 45s in particular and a history of record labels. It’s expanded well beyond tht.


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