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My Desert Island …

Desert Island Discs allow eight songs, and to make the programme interesting there’s usually a biographical element. Most of us, playing list compiling the game over a meal or a drink, go for ten tracks. I’ve done my many times, but to reveal my prejudices and preferences I’ll do a single songs one here AND … Continue reading My Desert Island …

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The Best Beatles Album? This was a response to the release of the Giles Martin remix of Revolver, and nearly every reviewer declared that Revolver was the greatest of all Beatles albums … whether they loved or hated what Giles Martin did with it. I thought about it, checked some of those ‘Greatest Albums of … Continue reading What’s New

Peter Viney

The author exhibited an early interest in rock. I started a book on Record Collecting many years ago, and it grew and grew until it became so unwieldy and so full of illustrations that it would have been a 1500 page book with colour pictures on every page. Hang on! This isn’t going to work, … Continue reading Peter Viney

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  1. Very interesting article on Embassy with some info I was unaware of however there are some errors in there. Shorty Mitchell was in fact Mike Sammes not Geoff Love, Mike also calling himself Michael Bond. Jean Campbell did not sing on Da do Ron Ron, it was Joan Baxter as was My Boy Lollipop. Hal Monro was not Hal Burton but just Neville Taylor. Hal Burton and David Ross are believed to be Ross McMannus of Joe Loss fame. Marion/Marian Williams and Marilyn Lee were Dance Band/Jazz singer Marion Williams not to be confused with American Soul singer of the same name. There are lots of possibilities on other mystery named singers most likely Russ Vincent being Oriole singer Russ Hamilton. It was me who identified Terry Brandon as being Session singer Tony Crane who went on to form his own Dance Band. One I’m trying to find out about is a singer at the end of the Embassy story Sally Hyde who could be Oriole vocalist Christine Quite.


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